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As a leading supplier for gas components in Australia, System Control Engineering prides itself on being able to deliver outstanding results time after time. Supplying for the Industrial and commercial sectors, we aim to import products from leading and reputable brands that will ensure longevity, with minimal maintenance required.


On the technical side of the industry, SCE understands the key technical issues our client’s face and aim to support them by providing the relevant information and pre-installation information to aid them in making the correct decision and to avoid future problems. We look at remaining informed of industry regulations and changes and learn about the significant innovations in the industry to keep us at the leading edge.


On the commercial side of the expanding industry, we have and remain a leader in commercial gas components. It is vital that as the Australian gas market and its processes alter, as do our regulations and product standards. We are continually making invested decisions that will enable us to inform our purchasers and build and maintain strong working relationships. We examine the tactical and commercial competition for major gas industry players to assist with understanding your business and its requirements.

Some of our customers include respected names such as :
  • Brivis
  • Braemar
  • Bonnaire and Omega (Central Heating plus)
  • Dux and Rheem (Hot water)
  • Goldstein, Luus, B&S and Moffat (Catering Equipment)
  • Reece, Tradelink, Bentons in wholesale parts
These well known and quality brands choose to use quality components such as:
  • Kromschroder
  • Brahma
  • Beckett
  • Campini
  • De Dietrich
  • Ecoflam
  • Imit
  • Itap
  • Jackwal
  • Muller
  • NBP
  • Negaban
  • North American Manafacturing Company
  • Polidoro
  • Robertshaw
  • Siemens
  • Rego
  • White Rodgers
  • Elster Jeavons
  • Bacharach
  • Dormont
  • Madas
  • RAM controls
  • Eliwell
  • Samtech
  • Seitron
  • Rego Regulators
  • AKO
  • Paragon Controls
  • Theben
  • Ranco Controls
  • RAM
  • Riello Burners
  • Satronic
  • Scarico
  • Seitron
  • Staiger
  • TecnoControl

Operating for almost 50 years, SCE has built strong and reliable relationships with their suppliers, hence being able to offer the best quality products at the very best prices. Whether it is Ranco controls, RAM control, REGO regulators, Kromschroder Valves, Whiterodgers Valves, Brahma Valves, Dormont Hoses, Riello Burner, Ecoflam Burners, Bacharach Instrument, Gas Check or GasGuard pressure proving systems, Honeywell or a Madas Filter , we are able to supply and technically assist you during installation. We have and will continue to work on all projects, from small scale to large scale operations and focus on quality and durability of our work.

Please contact us for all information regarding our extensive range of products and services, call 03 9877 3211, or submit an online form and one of our trained sales representative will contact you shortly.